Ent 258 Team

MarQuis Trill

MarQuis Trill "CEO" of Entertainment 258 Agency Inc. one of the most influential people on the internet. Reaching Millions of people a month via social media platforms. His following is so diverse from celebrities, teenagers, politicians, businesses and influencers. MarQuis Trill has built a brand that is one of the most exciting, and fastest-growing in the entertainment, sports, tech, fashion, business industry. Showing promising success with 3 Million Followers on Twitter, 4 Million on Instagram and 500,000 loyal subscribers on youtube. His social media presence is so strong major media outlets like CNN, ESPN, FOX, TMZ, ABC reach out to him to use his content. Success has opened opportunity to work with the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. MarQuis Trill is widely considered one of the industry’s most promising and powerful young executives in the entertainment/technology/social media world.


Milana Gardner

Milana Gardner is the PR & Social Media Content Executive here at Entertainment 258, Inc. Whether you are a client looking to expand your brand within the public, or a business seeking the perfect approach to launch your company—Milana will ensure that the execution is seamless.

 As our client, you will have full access to the PR executive so that we can determine and achieve your publicity-related goals. If you want to maximize your following across all social media platforms, you need us on your team.  Milana has the ability to develop PR strategies, campaigns, and initiatives to benefit our agency’s clients is unmatched.

Consumer Awareness

She has since then proven her skill set through developing brands, media relations, and client branding at Entertainment 258. Milana consistently incorporates PR strategy to maintain the agency’s mission: to create a vision, strategic steps, goals, analysis, and innovative ideas to keep your brand growing to the top.

Damany Brown

Damany Brown is the President of Media Operations here at Entertainment 258 Agency Inc. What separates us from the rest is our strategic planning. Analyzing your market is important to us, so we can develop a personal plan to gain attention from your targeted market. 

Media has always been an important using a marketing strategy, and thats what I specialize in. Here at Entertainment 258 we cover all Media, from commercials, music videos, photography, flyers, logos, weddings etc. All 4k equipment will be used at all times. Working with Entertainment 258 I have provided advertisement for companies such as “Crunch Gallery, San Disk, Uber, Buick, Jordan Brand, Nike, Quiznos, and Instagram.” With our Vision and your hardwork you will get the results needed to be successful.