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How It Works

Entertainment 258 Agency Inc. will be your online manager. As your first point of contact, you will have access to all services Entertainment 258 Agency has to offer. Let us get to work on your behalf.

Step 1:
Study, create and build.

As a new client the first thing we do is study your brand or business for strengths and weaknesses inside and out, then we create a customized blueprint  that shows you where you are currently, missing components and future plans to excel your brand or business. Once your blueprint has been created, we will start an action plan, so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 2:
Polishing your online presence. Revamp 

Now with a blueprint in place, the next step is to update your  page, website, photos and even design customized logos/designs to keep your business/brand looking fresh and current.

Step 3:
Creating content/Build a Following

Creating content, brand development building clientele and followers takes skill and time. We will push you in the right direction, coming up with ideas and services that will push your website or social media to the next level.

Step 4:
Services and connections 

Start using services from our SMM APP and company price sheet at the lowest prices possible. We offer everything from followers, verification, industry email contacts, commercials, music videos, likes, views, advertisement, plays, streams, flyers, album covers, wikipedia, website design, graphic design, logos, photoshoot, interviews, studio time, social media post, app development and more.

Step 5:


Payments are due monthly on the 1st of every month with a 4 day grace period before services are completely turned off. Regardless of what day you become a client, payments are due on the 1st. If you are on a service to service based program like packages via PayPal you will be sent an invoice after 30days of your start date. If payment hasn’t been received we will turn services off. We accept Credit, Debit, PayPal, Cashapp, Wells Fargo and bitcoin.

How Can I Become A Client?

We use Patreon to collect payments. If you want to use paypal, bitcoin directly contact us directly. We are excepting new clients, let's get started. 

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