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Let us represent and manage your brand. Here at Entertainment 258 we believe management is very important when trying to develop and maintain a successful brand. Management is the analysis and planning on how that brand is perceived in the market. Our Mission is to create a vision for your brand, strategic steps, goals, analysis and innovative ideas to keep your brand growing to the top. We plan everything from values, image, concepts and platforms your brand would benefit from.

We also understand that Adaptation is very important when managing is involved. Entertainment 258 will have your brand consistently upgrading with updates to make sure you get the best results. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for a brand. We aim to create an emotional connection between products, fans, followers, companies and their customers and constituents. Our company has over 11 years of successful management to help clients benefit in a unimaginable way. 

 We work with companies, athletes, artist, actors/actresses, models and designers from all over the world. Bringing more high quality concentrated concepts and content for Entertainment 258 clients than anybody else.  

We value you! 

Digital Marketing

Marketing management is the key factor which focuses on techniques and methods inside brands and organizations based on research, resources and activities. We are responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of the target market demand using resources such as commercials, ads, social media, videos graphics, photos and strategic ideas. In part, the marketing plan can vary significantly based on a business's size, brand culture, and industry context. Entertainment 258 helps hundreds to create an effective, cost-efficient marketing management strategy, brands must possess a detailed, objective understanding of their own business and the market in which they operate. Creating designs and oversee various environmental scanning and competitive intelligence processes to help identify trends and inform the brand's marketing analysis on a monthly basis.  

We specialize in integrated tools, social media management, advertisement, analytics, collecting data, mobile optimized sites, mobile apps, SEO, Keywords, social media advertising, CRM and more. Let us do marketing for you, so you can focus on 100% on your brand or business


 Here at Entertainment 258 we analyze your needs, objectives and audience to develop the best media solution for your company or brand. Great media content communicates not only images and videos, but also communicates through text captions as an effective message through content. We produce high quality videos, photos, graphic designs, websites and more that can be integrated into growing your company or brand. Our state of the art, high quality equipment allows us to shoot in 1080HD and 4k movie cinema quality. Any projects like commercials, documentaries, Logos, Snapchat Filters, Flyers, mobile apps, short films, music videos, interview, tv show, live streaming, event coverage (weddings, concert, sports game etc). The sky is the limit literally, we also have drones that shoot videography and photography up to 4 miles away from stand point location. Our drones also shoot in 1080HD and 4K. Lets us handle your next big project or event. Whether you need to target a specific audience, provide specific information or training, or reach a broad variety of people. Entertainment 258 has the expertise to help you capture and inform your target audience.
 One of our best perks for being a client with Entertainment 258, is that video and photo media projects have no budget standards. We work with all our clients on pricing to bring high quality content and consistency to your brand. Contact us now to get started on your content!!

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